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Access Useful travel information
Train travel for disabled passengers
When planning your trip, bear in mind that the standard of disabled facilities on trains and at stations around Europe varies. Special equipment can sometimes be reserved in advance. Some of Europe’s more modern trains have special onboard areas for disabled passengers.
Find out more in our Frequently Asked Questions.
For advice and to book tickets,Contact Us
Cycle Useful travel information
Taking your bike
Depending on the carrier you are travelling with, bear in mind that you might have to pre-book specific spaces for your bike.
Find out more about the way to travel hassle-free with your bike in our Frequently Asked Questions
To make your booking along with a bicycle space, Contact Us
Dietary Useful travel information
Special dietary requirements
You can find out more about the food served on trains in our Frequently Asked Questions
For advice and to book tickets,Contact Us

Rail pass

plus : Seat reservations for Interrail pass holders

Please note that a reservation alone is NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL unless used alongside a valid Interrail pass.

If you already have a valid Interrail pass, or are planning to buy one, selecting 'Seat reservation' allows you to pre-book a seat on a specific train.

Why do I need to make a seat reservation when I already have an Interrail pass?
Seat reservations are compulsory on most high speed and overnight trains and are not included in the price of an Interrail pass.
Find out more in our Frequently Asked Questions.
Children aged 6 - 15 years go free when travelling with at least one parent holding a Swiss Travel System product. To claim free child travel and complete your booking, please call us on *0844 848 5848 (Mon - Sat: 8am to 8pm, Sun: Closed). *Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

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